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Things You Can't Give Up

There are lots of dishes that you find yourself craving when you haven't eaten them for a while. Often they're simple things like fried potatoes or pancakes. Then there are sweets: chocolate, Nutella, ice cream, and of course cake! Many diets fail to fulfill these cravings.

descriptionA lot of people can handle temporary changes in diet through sheer willpower, but long-term change requires a better solution. For us, diabetic chocolate and so on were unsatisfying, not to mention expensive. So we've started to sort our low-carb recipes according to what we like and don't want to give up. Obviously it's easier just to pick up two chocolate bars while shopping than to cook something yourself, but many things take less time to prepare than you might expect. And the result is amazing. Homemade low-carb chocolate tastes better than anything I've ever bought. And I would choose the sauerkraut potato pancakes over potatoes any day.


Chocolate is the stuff that causes many a diet to fail. Since we always have chocolate at home, we never though of giving it up for our low-carb diet. But we'll get straight to the point. You don't need any special equipment to make chocolate that contains almost no carbs. Chocolate is simply a mixture of fat, cocoa, milk powder - and normally sugar. The sugar usually presents the biggest problem, since it has to be very finely ground. We don't have this problem, since we only use liquid sweetener.…


Potato Pancakes

One of the most exciting low-carb recipes is potato pancakes (also known as latkes). I had to give them up for a long time, since my wife didn't like them. When I read this recipe, I had to try it. Since then, I've been making them regularly. Once you've tasted them, you'll never want potato pancakes made from potatoes again. If you're not already skeptical_(and I was), the basis for our pancakes is sauerkraut. To serve 4: 500 g_(1 Pound)sauerkraut 1egg 1onion (medium-sized) 50 g_(2oz)gluten 1/2…



To serve 4: 50 g_(2 oz)almond flour 75 g_(3 oz)gluten 75 g_(3 oz)soy flour 2eggs 2 tbspolive oil 3 tbspwater 1 dspsalt Nutmeg, chili Noodles are quick and easy to make. The flour should be sifted very finely. We don't use wheat flour, but - as always in our low-carb cooking - gluten and almond flour. Then we add the eggs, oil, salt, spices, and water, and knead to form a smooth dough. The real challenge of making noodles is the noodle shape. For beginners, I would recommend making…


Potato Dishes

I was born in Central Hesse, so I have a special relationship with potatoes. When I was a little kid, my mother took me to the field and let me collect what the harvesting machine had missed. I thought this chore was exciting and had something to show for it when I was done. As the German saying goes, "The dumbest farmer harvests the biggest potatoes..." The carbohydrate content of potatoes is only about 12-15%, and if they're cooked in enough water, a portion of the carbs will remain in the…


Celery Puree

A very simple substitute for potatoes in puree is celery. It requires much less peeling, because instead of peeling 5-6 potatoes you only have to discard the peel of one celery root. We cut the celery into cubes of the same size that we would cut potatoes and cook them in saltwater with a TL of fresh horseradish, which removes some of the bitter compounds. After 20-30 minutes the celery will be nice and soft. Then we drain the water (which I've used to make a great soup) and mash the celery into…


Low-Carb Honey Substitute

Honey is very special stuff. Normally I would never have come up with the idea of homemade honey, since the bees can do it a lot better. Unfortunately, honey is almost 100% sugar and goes very poorly with a low-carb diet. I still think that a honey lover can eat some honey now and then; just try to eat less of it. Low-Carb Honey Substitute 100 g_(half cup)Sukrin 1 tbsplemon juice 1 tbsporange juice 100 ml_(half cup)cream Nevertheless, here's a simple recipe that I discovered.…


"Potato" Salad

"The fattest farmer eats the most potatoes." At least, that's how it went with the farmers of old. Since we didn't want to give up the wonderful Upper Hessian potato salad we grew up with, we've devised a tasty and very similar salad - with turnips! At this year's New Year's Eve party, we put a bowl of this salad on the buffet without saying anything. The experiment was a success. It was one of the only salads to be eaten up entirely (which speaks for itself). While we were eating some, a…


Mc LowCarb

My attack on "God's own country" last week was not without consequences. At risk of becoming a victim in the War on Culinary Terror, imprisoned in a camp with only bread and beans to eat (a low-carb fan's version of torture) and subjected to cola-boarding, it's time for the rehabilitation of American cuisine. We'll start with THE classic American dish: a burger and fries. Amazingly, the low-carb version is delicious and - unlike the McDonald's version - very satisfying. Of course, we used only…


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