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Low-Carb Honey Substitute

Honey is very special stuff. Normally I would never have come up with the idea of homemade honey, since the bees can do it a lot better. Unfortunately, honey is almost 100% sugar and goes very poorly with a low-carb diet. I still think that a honey lover can eat some honey now and then; just try to eat less of it.

Low-Carb Honey Substitute

100 g_(half cup)Sukrin
1 tbsplemon juice
1 tbsporange juice
100 ml_(half cup)cream

Nevertheless, here's a simple recipe that I discovered. I wanted to make a nice icing for cookies, so I heated Sukrin with some orange and lemon juice and then added cream. After the mixture had been reduced a bit, it made a really delicious icing. As luck would have it, I'd made too much of my icing and the leftovers had gone cold in the pot. I tasted some and found that the flavor was similar to honey. When I offered some to guests, they were amazed to find out that it wasn't honey. My friend Silvester is not a low-carb fan at all, but he still wants some of this "honey" whenever I make it.

You can eat our honey substitute on bread, of course, but it's especially good for cooking. We've used honey-glazed chicory and honey substitute to make our sensational Florentine cookies.description

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