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Low-carb diets, those that include few or no carbohydrates, are a source of controversy. Heated debates take place on hundreds of websites, blogs, and forums, full of emotion and an almost religious zeal. For some, this is the most effective way to lose weight or stay healthy. Others think sugar and bread are crucial to a well-balanced diet or do not consume fat, egg whites, and animal products for moral reasons. This website will speak to everyone, wherever their opinion. It stands for one thing:

A low-carb diet is totally delicious!

If you hear the word "soup" and immediately think "can," think again. You won't find prepackaged meals here - or miracle drugs or weight-loss pills. Delicious Low Carb is for people who enjoy eating and have fun cooking and baking. You'll see how the possibility of never having to count calories again can enrich your life. Vegans had better check out a different website. They might go hungry on a low-carb diet.

There are lots of diets that can help you stay in shape (or get in shape). Almost all of them have the same problem, though: they only work when you stick to them and make long-term changes to the way you eat. That's why a pineapple diet is doomed to failure. The important thing to remember is that almost all diet advice involves cutting back on something. Eating half as much as usual will leave you unsatisfied. Giving up egg whites makes you feel weak. Low-fat foods don't taste as good, because fat is one of the main sources of flavor.

This is also true of a low-carb diet. You can eat very few carbohydrates. It sounds very bad at first, because there are carbs in almost everything we eat. Here's a short list: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruit, cake, and of course everything sweet!

We thought the same thing: that a low-carb menu would get old after a week. But then my spirit of discovery came through and we found out: You can make a low-carb version of almost anything. It's rarely necessary to give up a food that you enjoy. In the meantime we're eating bread, cake, pasta, sushi and chocolate. For Easter we had a low-carb Raspberry Gateau. Or come with us on a Low-Carb World Tour with low-carb versions of dishes from around the world. We eat well; we're lovers of good cheese, friends of fresh vegetables, people who enjoy fish, poultry, or an especially good piece of meat, so we're on the lookout for the best ingredients. And if you have a sweet tooth, enter at your own risk.

This doesn't use prepackaged foods or mixes. I have to admit that I spend more time in the kitchen now. But if you love to cook, it's like opening up a whole new kitchen. This is the key:

With a low-carb diet,

it's no longer necessary to keep track of calories

to stay at (or reach) your target weight.

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