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Bread Dough

After several attempts with baking powder, I've given it up altogether. The bread tastes like it came from a cheap baker and it doesn't rise correctly. In my opinion, bread only tastes right when it's made with yeast dough. Since yeast feeds exclusively on sugar, or rather on carbohydrates that are converted to sugar, it isn't possible to make yeast dough without flour. I give the yeast what it needs but anticipate that it will eat it all, so that afterwards, all that remains of the carbs is CO2…


Bread Baking Photo Gallery

For approx. 750 g of bread: 350 g_(12 oz)almond flour 150 g_(5oz)gluten 10 g_(1/2 oz)wheat flour 1 packagedry yeast 1-2 tbspolive oil_(optional) approx. 300 ml_(1 1/2cup) (1-2 Cup)water 1 tbspsalt 3 g_(0.1 oz)coriander Baking bread was our most important innovation for our low-carb life. We experimented a lot, and in the beginning our results weren't always successful. Since a lot depends on the details, I'll describe the steps again in more detail. Here's a photo gallery that will…


Bread Variations

Once you can bake bread, there are infinite variations you can make on the recipe. Here are a few ideas: 1. Ciabatta-style For a light bread, I replace 3-4 oz (100 g) of almond flour with soy flour and use more olive oil. It will have a more Mediterranean flavor if you add Italian herbs or olives (cut in half). Other than that, the baking process is the same. 2. Looks like black bread, but tastes even better In my opinion, black bread is the most delicious kind. To make…


The Low-Carb Secret Weapon

We've discovered a "secret weapon" for making bread with even fewer carbs: Flaxseed flour! Flaxseed has almost zero carbs and gives the bread a pleasantly nutty flavor. Flaxseed Bread - 2 lbs. (1000 g) 300 g (12 oz)almond flour 100 g (4 oz)gluten 150 g (5 oz)flaxseed flour 3 tbspoil 30 g (1 oz)wheat flour 2 packetsdry yeast 400 ml (2 cups)warm water 1 dspsalt Like all our breads, this one uses a yeast starter (as seen in this photo gallery). We used a little…


No-Carb Bread

I recently tried a new bread recipe that Valentina sent me. It uses baking soda instead of yeast, and the result tasted excellent. Unfortunately, the texture wasn't so excellent: my bread turned out crumbly, barely rose at all, and fell apart when I tried to slice it. I think this was because the recipe didn't use any wheat gluten. We don't have anything against gluten (it's okay unless you have the extremely rare celiac disease), so we tried the recipe again with gluten. I wanted to answer the question:…


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