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Bread Variations

Once you can bake bread, there are infinite variations you can make on the recipe.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Ciabatta-style

For a light bread, I replace 3-4 oz (100 g) of almond flour with soy flour and use more olive oil. It will have a more Mediterranean flavor if you add Italian herbs or olives (cut in half). Other than that, the baking process is the same.

2. Looks like black bread, but tastes even better

In my opinion, black bread is the most delicious kind. To make it, replace 3-4 oz (100 g) of almond flour with walnut flour (oil-free). Walnut flour was really an inspiration: the taste is rich and aromatic. So far everyone has been impressed when they learned it wasn't from a bakery.

3. Vinegar, spices, and seeds

Sonnenblumenkern BrotWith a lot of loaves, I experiment. In most breads I use 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar. (Caution: the yeast doesn't like the acid, so add the vinegar later if you want a lighter, airier loaf.) You can also experiment with spices. Try fresh or dried herbs, curry (I like Arab curry best), chili, or nutmeg. Then, of course, there are seeds and grains. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are both low-carb. My wife's favorite is golden flaxseed. Spelt bran has slightly more carbs, but it's also really tasty.

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