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No-Carb Bread

no carb Brot I recently tried a new bread recipe that Valentina sent me. It uses baking soda instead of yeast, and the result tasted excellent. Unfortunately, the texture wasn't so excellent: my bread turned out crumbly, barely rose at all, and fell apart when I tried to slice it. I think this was because the recipe didn't use any wheat gluten. We don't have anything against gluten (it's okay unless you have the extremely rare celiac disease), so we tried the recipe again with gluten. I wanted to answer the question: how can you bake a tasty loaf of bread with as few carbs as possible? The result of this experiment is a bread whose flavor measures up to that of bakery breads, but with only a 0.3% carbohydrate content (in contrast with the 8-15% carb content of store-bought bread). With such a low carb content, it's fair to describe this as a No-Carb Bread.

The Recipe:

For 1 kg of bread:

350 g flaxseed flour
150 g wheat gluten
50 g psyllium husk powder
100 g golden flaxseed
1 P baking soda
about 500 ml unsweetened soy milk
about 300 ml cold water
1 TL salt
1/2 TL ground cumin

First, combine the flaxseed flour, gluten, golden flaxseed, psyllium husk powder, salt, cumin, and baking soda, and mix them well. Add the soy milk and water while kneading by hand. Both the soy milk and water should be cold; we don't want the baking soda to produce CO2 just yet. Keep kneading for at least 10 minutes (or 15 if you do it by machine). Once the dough is uniformly mixed and smooth, shape it into loaves, making sure that there are no air pockets, cracks, or holes in the loaf. Since we bought a baguette baking rack at a flea market, we often make oblong loaves. Bake for 1 hour at 200° C. (If you put a dish of water under the bread in the oven, you can bake it at a hotter temperature without the crust darkening too quickly. If you make rounder loaves instead of baguettes, the baking time will increase 19-20 minutes.)

When it's done, the bread will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Looking into the oven, you'll see that it's almost doubled in size. As you can see from the photo, it can be sliced fresh out of the oven. The flavor is not as "bready" as our Bread with Yeast Starter, but it tastes wonderful. And it's great for everyone who needs or wants to cut down on carbs. no carb Brot


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