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The Low-Carb Secret Weapon

Leinsamen BrotWe've discovered a "secret weapon" for making bread with even fewer carbs:

Flaxseed flour!

Flaxseed has almost zero carbs and gives the bread a pleasantly nutty flavor.

Flaxseed Bread - 2 lbs. (1000 g)

300 g (12 oz)almond flour
100 g (4 oz)gluten
150 g (5 oz)flaxseed flour
3 tbspoil
30 g (1 oz)wheat flour
2 packetsdry yeast
400 ml (2 cups)warm water
1 dspsalt

Like all our breads, this one uses a yeast starter (as seen in this photo gallery). We used a little more water (the flaxseed flour is very absorbant) and more oil so that the bread won't dry out as quickly.

A wonderful treat!

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