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New recipes

You won't find recipes for steak with salad or an amazing salad with turkey breast here. If you don't know how to cook a steak, you can go or similar. They have 13,000 steak recipes. (Unbelievable, isn't it? I wonder if they're all different?) Also, I don't really find it helpful to copy recipes from somewhere and just leave out the potatoes.

I trust my readers' creativity, so most of the recipes I've shared here are specifically low-carb and should be a jumping-off point for you to develop your own low-carb kitchen. They are mainly about how to create satisfying low-carb versions of traditional foods like bread, and also how to satisfy your sweet tooth on a low-carb diet. In addition, we've tried to include tips for dealing with special low-carb ingredients like almond flour or gluten.


Zabaione is the classic Italian dessert. It tastes amazing and is made with simple ingredients. The original contains vast amounts of carbs - not just sugar, but also the super-sweet dessert wine Marsala. For cooks who make zabaione, though, the dessert offers plenty of physical exercise. Zabaione has to be beaten continuously with a whisk for at least 15 minutes while in a water bath. Of course, you could use an electric mixer, but that doesn't work as well_(and anyway, it would be unsportsmanlike).…



My hometown, Offenbach, is a leader in German multiculturalism. People from more than 100 countries live here, and every June there's a large street fair that celebrates our city's diversity - especially the culinary kind. The Offenbacher Mainuferfest is undoubtedly the nicest local festival in the Rhine-Main region. Unlike its counterpart in nearby Frankfurt, it isn't commercialized at all. Sports teams, musical groups, and artistic and cultural associations host our festival. The prices are reasonable…


Wild Boar with Dumplings

Christmas is drawing near, and as you probably know from reading Delicious Low Carb, this means that we'll soon have guests and a festive menu. We decided to use wild game this year, and last Sunday was our first attempt. A good roast needs dumplings to go with it, so I tried a few popular recipes from the Internet. I didn't think liver dumplings would be appropriate and I was unimpressed by my first attempt with tofu dumplings. Tofu just tastes bland, and the dumplings weren't firm enough. Then…


Veggie Rolls

Many people say that low-carb diets are too heavy on meat. That can be true, but it doesn't have to be. My wife and I have long debated whether to include vegetarian dishes here on Delicious Low Carb. My arguments against it were more instinctive, so my wife's logic won out. I have nothing against vegetarians, even if they're a bit fanatical - I'm certainly fanatical about my low-carb lifestyle sometimes. But I don't take the moral high ground or - even worse - try to force it on anyone else. Unfortunately,…


Vanilla Crescent Cookies

The easiest low-carb Christmas cookies are these vanilla crescents, since the original version uses lots of almonds (which are naturally low in carbs). They're easy to make and don't require special baking skills. This is especially true because of the shapes, since most of us practiced rolling little sausage shapes out of clay or play dough when we were kids! Vanilla Crescents: 3 cookie sheets 200 g (8 oz)almonds, finely grated 200 g (8 oz)almond flour 100 g_(4 oz)gluten 250 g_(10…


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