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Chocolate is the stuff that causes many a diet to fail. Since we always have chocolate at home, we never though of giving it up for our low-carb diet. But we'll get straight to the point. You don't need any special equipment to make chocolate that contains almost no carbs. Chocolate is simply a mixture of fat, cocoa, milk powder - and normally sugar. The sugar usually presents the biggest problem, since it has to be very finely ground. We don't have this problem, since we only use liquid sweetener.…


Low-Carb Marzipan

Marzipan is unbelievably easy to make. The recipe calls for ground almonds, sugar, oil, and some rose water. All you have to do is mix the ingredients and let them air dry for a while. All done! Of course, our low-carb version replaces the sugar with an artificial sweetener. If you normally use Sukrin, you'll need to use something less gritty for this recipe. Liquid sweetener works perfectly, and is much cheaper. But there's a problem: the almonds must be freshly ground. Ground almonds from the…


Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

These chocolate hazelnut cookies are popular in Germany, where they're known as Nussecken. The basic idea is a tasty shortcrust pastry with caramelized almonds on top. The edges tend to crumble, so it's customary to dip the cut edges into chocolate. This stops the crumbling and makes the edges look tidy. Here's an easy low-carb version of this German favorite: Chocolate Hazelnut Bars Dough: 250 g_(10 oz)butter 250 g_(10 oz)almond flour 125 ggluten 100 g_(4 oz)ground hazelnuts 1…



For a long time my wife has been asking me to make a Kirschmichel, one of her favorite treats from childhood. She raves about how the cherries were baked together with the batter, making the dessert taste wonderfully juicy and fruity.Literally translated, Kirschmichel means "Cherry-Michael". So what's a michael? It's a dessert that falls somewhere between a souffle and a cake. When my wife's mother made them, the michaels were always eaten while they were still warm. When we researched how many carbs…



Zabaione is the classic Italian dessert. It tastes amazing and is made with simple ingredients. The original contains vast amounts of carbs - not just sugar, but also the super-sweet dessert wine Marsala. For cooks who make zabaione, though, the dessert offers plenty of physical exercise. Zabaione has to be beaten continuously with a whisk for at least 15 minutes while in a water bath. Of course, you could use an electric mixer, but that doesn't work as well_(and anyway, it would be unsportsmanlike).…


Raspberry Gateau

At Easter we had company: a good friend who, like us, is a "foodie". Naturally, I had a lot of fun planning the menu. There was venison, salad, dumplings, homemade red cabbage. All low-carb, of course! As we were starting home from the farmers' market, loaded down with ingredients, I noticed a fruit stand selling the first raspberries of the year at a very reasonable price. I immediately thought of trying to make my mother's raspberry cream cake. My mother is a great cake and pie baker whose skill…


Jelly Roll

I ran into some unexpected difficulties while creating my jelly roll recipe. For the first time ever, I had to throw away food - my early attempts were that inedible. Now, on my fourth try, the cake part of the roll finally succeeded. I'm very excited about this strawberry roll! The "assembly" isn't perfect yet; since this is my first completed roll, I need more practice. If there are any seasoned bakers out there, feel free to share your tips. Cake Batter: 80 g_(3 oz)almond flour 40…


Spritz Cookies

Coming up with a low-carb version of spritz cookies turned out to be much more difficult than we'd expected. Our flour substitutes, almond flour and gluten, absorb a surprising amount of liquid. This is tricky if you need to make dough of a specific consistency. We tried it many times and some of the results weren't too pretty. (Of course, we had to eat those outright.) We finally got the hang of it, and I'm going to explain everything here so that you won't have to swear as much as I did. Spritz…


Gingerbread Coins

When we made our Christmas stollen, we reserved part of the stollen dough for some cookies. We created our recipe for "Low-Carb Honey" around this time. The result is these cookies, which we call "gingerbread coins". They keep very well, but we recommend putting small slices of apple here and there with them in the cookie tin, since these cookies become very hard if they get too dry. Gingerbread Coins 200 g_(8 oz)almond flour 60 ggluten 100 g_(4 oz)ground almonds 100 g_(4 oz)butter 25…


Low-Carb Honey Substitute

Honey is very special stuff. Normally I would never have come up with the idea of homemade honey, since the bees can do it a lot better. Unfortunately, honey is almost 100% sugar and goes very poorly with a low-carb diet. I still think that a honey lover can eat some honey now and then; just try to eat less of it. Low-Carb Honey Substitute 100 g_(half cup)Sukrin 1 tbsplemon juice 1 tbsporange juice 100 ml_(half cup)cream Nevertheless, here's a simple recipe that I discovered.…


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