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New recipes

You won't find recipes for steak with salad or an amazing salad with turkey breast here. If you don't know how to cook a steak, you can go or similar. They have 13,000 steak recipes. (Unbelievable, isn't it? I wonder if they're all different?) Also, I don't really find it helpful to copy recipes from somewhere and just leave out the potatoes.

I trust my readers' creativity, so most of the recipes I've shared here are specifically low-carb and should be a jumping-off point for you to develop your own low-carb kitchen. They are mainly about how to create satisfying low-carb versions of traditional foods like bread, and also how to satisfy your sweet tooth on a low-carb diet. In addition, we've tried to include tips for dealing with special low-carb ingredients like almond flour or gluten.

Savoy Cabbage Pie

Christmas is over and everyone is ready to go back to simple cooking, so today I want to introduce a cabbage pie. Actually it's a casserole, but for weeks I kept thinking about how to make a cabbage casserole that's both delicious and pleasing to the eye. It should be sliced like a pie, incorporate the pretty shape of a head of cabbage, and still be crisp and tasty. Nobody likes overcooked cabbage. Savoy Cabbage Pie to serve 4-6: 750 g_(1 1/2 pound)ground beef 1head of Savoy cabbage(approx.…


Rouladen with Greens

For weeks we've been amazed at the fantastic selection of vegetables at the market, especially in autumn. I've especially been noticing the parsley root, which I've never cooked before. It's very rich in vitamins and contains hardly any carbohydrates. (Watch out: the parsnip looks very similar and is 18% carbohydrate, making it a real "carb bomb".) Last night on Lanz (a German talk show) Mario Kotaska made a mousse with parsley and parsley root, and I couldn't wait to try it this weekend. In addition,…


Rice Pudding

Finding a genuine low-carb rice substitute is hard. The things that have recently been sold in stores as low-carb rice don't convince me; they're mostly made of thickening agents. But real basmati rice is loaded with carbs, so it's not on the menu. Recently, though, I read about a great idea for rice pudding and had to try it out immediately. In this recipe, the rice is replaced with grated cauliflower. Rice Pudding to serve 2: 1head of cauliflower 400 ml_(2 cup)cream 5…


Rhubarb Steak

My parents have a large garden, and each year one corner of it is home to a flourishing rhubarb plant. In early summer, when rhubarb is ready to harvest, we used to have rhubarb compote once or twice a week. Sometimes my mom would also make rhubarb crumb cake. But those were the only uses for rhubarb that we knew of. It's actually amazing that such a sour ingredient is only ever used in desserts - and then, of course, you have to add lots of sugar. So I was very surprised recently when I encountered…


Raspberry Gateau

At Easter we had company: a good friend who, like us, is a "foodie". Naturally, I had a lot of fun planning the menu. There was venison, salad, dumplings, homemade red cabbage. All low-carb, of course! As we were starting home from the farmers' market, loaded down with ingredients, I noticed a fruit stand selling the first raspberries of the year at a very reasonable price. I immediately thought of trying to make my mother's raspberry cream cake. My mother is a great cake and pie baker whose skill…


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