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Rhubarb Steak

Rhabarber_steakMy parents have a large garden, and each year one corner of it is home to a flourishing rhubarb plant. In early summer, when rhubarb is ready to harvest, we used to have rhubarb compote once or twice a week. Sometimes my mom would also make rhubarb crumb cake. But those were the only uses for rhubarb that we knew of. It's actually amazing that such a sour ingredient is only ever used in desserts - and then, of course, you have to add lots of sugar. So I was very surprised recently when I encountered a savory rhubarb dish in a restaurant. I had to try to recreate it at home, since rhubarb is a perfect low-carb vegetable.

Rhubarb Steak to serve 2

2 rump steaks (about 500 g)
500 g rhubarb
2 bunches green onions
2 EL Sukrin
Salt, peper, oil

Start by peeling the rhubarb (just pull off the long tough fibers) and chop it into 1-2 cm thick pieces. Chop the green onions into similarly-sized pieces.

When you're done, pan-sear the rump steaks on both sides in oil (I like to use olive oil, but other types of cooking oil will work as well). Season with salt and pepper, place in an oven-safe pan, and bake at 60° C.

rhabarber_steak With the stove on the highest setting, put 2 EL Sukrin in the pan (without washing it first). When the Sukrin begins to brown, add the chopped rhubarb to the pan. Then turn the stove down to medium heat, cover, and let simmer. After about 10 minutes the pieces will begin to dissolve. When they do, add the onions and some salt. Let cook for 1 minute, pour the rhubarb sauce over the steaks, and then return them to the oven for 10 more minutes to let the flavors mingle.

The steak will be tender all the way through and harmonize perfectly with the taste of the rhubarb, complemented by the crisp onions. It's a very satisfying meal. My mom will wish she'd thought of it!

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