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New recipes

You won't find recipes for steak with salad or an amazing salad with turkey breast here. If you don't know how to cook a steak, you can go or similar. They have 13,000 steak recipes. (Unbelievable, isn't it? I wonder if they're all different?) Also, I don't really find it helpful to copy recipes from somewhere and just leave out the potatoes.

I trust my readers' creativity, so most of the recipes I've shared here are specifically low-carb and should be a jumping-off point for you to develop your own low-carb kitchen. They are mainly about how to create satisfying low-carb versions of traditional foods like bread, and also how to satisfy your sweet tooth on a low-carb diet. In addition, we've tried to include tips for dealing with special low-carb ingredients like almond flour or gluten.

Spritz Cookies

Coming up with a low-carb version of spritz cookies turned out to be much more difficult than we'd expected. Our flour substitutes, almond flour and gluten, absorb a surprising amount of liquid. This is tricky if you need to make dough of a specific consistency. We tried it many times and some of the results weren't too pretty. (Of course, we had to eat those outright.) We finally got the hang of it, and I'm going to explain everything here so that you won't have to swear as much as I did. Spritz…


Shish Kebabs

Last week we hit the road and went to an exhibition in Istanbul. It was great to get away from the damp spring weather in Germany, and it was an interesting cultural and culinary experience. We were curious whether it would be possible to eat low-carb in Turkey, and it turned out to be harder than we expected. While Turkey's beach hotels usually offer a varied buffet that includes low-carb options, we had to rely on restaurants in Istanbul. It wasn't a problem to make substitutions for carb-rich…


Serbian Cevapcici, Djuvec "Rice"

Djuvec is the national dish of Serbia. If you've ever been to a Balkan restaurant, you probably know it as the popular side dish "Djuvec rice". After our success using cauliflower as a rice substitute, it made sense to try preparing Djuvec "rice" in a similar way. To go with it we made cevapcici, a traditional grilled meat dish from the Balkans, and green beans with bacon. Cevapcici with Djuvec Cauliflower and Green Beans to serve 4: Cevapcici 500 g_(1 pound)ground beef 75 g_(3…


Schneider's Pizza

The recipe I want to introduce today goes back to Adolf Schneider, a village butcher from the Westerwald mountains. According to my aunt, he was a big influence on my life. When I was a baby my mom often took me shopping with her. Whenever Mr. Schneider the butcher waited on her, he would give her an extra little piece of beef. "Inge, that's for the little one, because he always has such a nice smile!" Pizza dough for 6 portions: 750 g_(1 1/2 pound)ground beef 3eggs 250 g_(10 oz)almond…


Schepp-Kreppel Pancakes

You're probably wondering what this funny-sounding name means. In Germany, "Kreppel" is a nickname for people from Berlin. People from the Hesse region (where these pancakes are a specialty) claim that the "Kreppel" can't get the recipe right, so all they can manage is a "schepp" (phony) version. Another explanation is that "schepp" comes from the word for "to ladle". Scheppkreppel are yeast pancakes that you form by ladling batter into the pan! I decided to try a low-carb version of this…


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