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New recipes

You won't find recipes for steak with salad or an amazing salad with turkey breast here. If you don't know how to cook a steak, you can go or similar. They have 13,000 steak recipes. (Unbelievable, isn't it? I wonder if they're all different?) Also, I don't really find it helpful to copy recipes from somewhere and just leave out the potatoes.

I trust my readers' creativity, so most of the recipes I've shared here are specifically low-carb and should be a jumping-off point for you to develop your own low-carb kitchen. They are mainly about how to create satisfying low-carb versions of traditional foods like bread, and also how to satisfy your sweet tooth on a low-carb diet. In addition, we've tried to include tips for dealing with special low-carb ingredients like almond flour or gluten.

Turnips Olé!

My best low-carb recipes are based on experience dealing with different foods, observing their characteristics and how they behave. One such observation was the basis for the paella recipe I'm going to share. For New Year's Eve we made a large "potato" salad with turnips. Turnip Paella to serve 4 1turnip 3onions 1-2peppers 2tomatoes 2cloves of garlic 200 ml_(1 cup)chicken broth 200 ml_(1 cup)fish stock 200 ml_(1 cup)dry white wine 200 g (8 oz)scampi 200 g (8 oz)fish (we used…


Tuna Salad

On the list of best low-carb travel destinations, Greece and especially Crete take first place. A lot of the appetizers and main courses in most of the restaurants were already low in carbs. And even if the menu did include a few potatoes (which were pretty tempting, especially when cooked with olive oil and fresh herbs), it was no problem to substitute vegetables or salad. We were always satisfied. The best part is the quality of the ingredients used: eggplant, tomato, zucchini, peppers, and okra,…


The Queen of Desserts

In our opinion, the queen of desserts is creme brulee: rich, warm egg cream with orange zest, real vanilla, and of course a crunchy caramel crust. It's hard to imagine a more luxurious ending to a fancy dinner. Although we made an exception to our low-carb rules at Christmas and used a little sugar for the caramelized crust, we have since found a solution. Sukrin is a sugar alcohol that consists of 100% carbohydrates, but the body can't process it and it won't stimulate insulin production. Although…


The Muesli Man

Muesli isn't just for hippies and "crunchy" types anymore. It fills the cereal aisle in the grocery store and is often considered a staple of a healthy diet. And now, the bad news: muesli does not fit into a low-carb diet! Processed cereals usually contain lots of sugar. Even if you make your own at home, oats, barley, spelt, and rye just have too many carbs. Muesli to serve 2: 250 g_(10 oz)yogurt 100 g_(4 oz)crushed flaxseed 250 g_(10 oz)pureed berries 50 g_(2 oz)chopped or…


The Low-Carb Secret Weapon

We've discovered a "secret weapon" for making bread with even fewer carbs: Flaxseed flour! Flaxseed has almost zero carbs and gives the bread a pleasantly nutty flavor. Flaxseed Bread - 2 lbs. (1000 g) 300 g (12 oz)almond flour 100 g (4 oz)gluten 150 g (5 oz)flaxseed flour 3 tbspoil 30 g (1 oz)wheat flour 2 packetsdry yeast 400 ml (2 cups)warm water 1 dspsalt Like all our breads, this one uses a yeast starter (as seen in this photo gallery). We used a little…


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