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In Favor of a Low-Carb Diet

Homo sapiens have existed for one millions years. The species was always omnivorous, eating both meat and plants. A carbohydrate-rich diet was the exception until 10,000 years ago, or as recently as 2500 years ago in central Europe. Fruit and grains were only available for a small part of the year. In temperate regions people had to fatten up in autumn so that they could make it through the winter. The rest of the year, they probably lived on meat, nuts, herbs, roots, and vegetables - essentially…


Against a Low-Carb Diet

Wordwide Nutrition Societies do not recommend eating a low-carb diet. The guidelines for healthy eating on their website actually recommend a carbohydrate-rich diet (one in which carbs account for 50% of calories). Other critics have offered more specific arguments against low-carb diets. The Basel University Hospital recently weighed in on the subject, concluding in a statement that such diets are not worthwhile. For one thing, the researchers argue, people on low-carb diets quickly become…



The studies mentioned here say only one thing: that we still know nothing about the possible negative effects of a low-carb diet. If you read them in detail, the research suffers from small sample sizes, untenable statements, and incredibly poor methodology, as is often the case with "medical" or "scientific" studies of people's habits. Nothing beyond single-factor explanations is ever taken into account. If garbage like these studies is collected from all over the world, the resulting dump…


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