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In Favor of a Low-Carb Diet

Homo sapiens have existed for one millions years. The species was always omnivorous, eating both meat and plants. A carbohydrate-rich diet was the exception until 10,000 years ago, or as recently as 2500 years ago in central Europe. Fruit and grains were only available for a small part of the year. In temperate regions people had to fatten up in autumn so that they could make it through the winter. The rest of the year, they probably lived on meat, nuts, herbs, roots, and vegetables - essentially a low-carb diet. It probably seems like you couldn't go wrong with a diet that allowed our ancestors to live (or survive) a million years ago, but it's difficult to prove whether this is the case. Health depends on many factors. Psychological factors are certainly the most important. In this respect, it would be hard to compare two groups eating high-carb and low-carb diets so many years apart. There is no logical evidence that carbs are vital to our nutrition. Sugar is not essential - in other words, if we don't consume it, our bodies can easily produce what they need. Also, interactions with other vital substances are not an issue for low-carb diets. (Low-fat or vegan diets, on the other hand, can present problems. For example, there are many vitamins that the body can't absorb without fat.)

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