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The studies mentioned here say only one thing: that we still know nothing about the possible negative effects of a low-carb diet. If you read them in detail, the research suffers from small sample sizes, untenable statements, and incredibly poor methodology, as is often the case with "medical" or "scientific" studies of people's habits. Nothing beyond single-factor explanations is ever taken into account. If garbage like these studies is collected from all over the world, the resulting dump is called a metastudy. The fact that something like this can appear in The Lancet just goes to show that the criteria for publication in a top magazine are shifting from solid scientific work towards results that favor the pharmaceutical industry. In contrast to this, I think that the recommended reduced-flavor diet (salt and fat are the main sources of flavor) is very dangerous to me and to my environment. For one thing, tasteless food makes my mood hit rock bottom. It's clear that the stodgy German Nutrition Society - which is already wrong nearly as often as the Pope - has problems, and that calls its long-standing minimal consensus for "balanced nutrition and less fat" into question. I can only relate to the argument about mental performance. Since I stopped peeling bananas, my IQ has dropped from 60 to 55.

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