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In July of 2010 our friend Martin told us that since he stopped eating bread, he's had a lot more energy. He'd read about "Schrunz" (a German medical doctor who is famous for promoting low carbs) or something like that and tried it out. He would have so much energy that his girlfriend would want him to start eating bread again...okay, I know. Martin is a chauvinist. Still, the story made my wife Suzanne and me curious, so we started to research "stop eating bread" and "Schrünz" on the Internet. Of course, this quickly introduced us to concepts like the Atkins Diet, the Stone Age Diet, and "low-carb" in general. I was still skeptical, but my wife decided: Let's try this. I was persuaded by the promise of fillet steak, salad, cheese, and cream sauce. And so we began.

Sports and the Low-Carb Diet

Sports and the low-carb lifestyle go together perfectly. This is true not only for people who want to lose weight (which obviously works best when you're getting exercise) but for everyone who plays sports, from distance runners to bodybuilders. Let's start with bodybuilders. Anyone who is reasonably serious about this sport (and hopefully doesn't use illegal substances like steroids, etc.) is very conscious of their diet. You need lots of protein to build muscle, and ideally you'll also have…


Hair, Skin, Nails

And here's a topic that will interest the ladies (not to sound like a chauvinist)! I'll let my wife Suzanne address this one: "After a year on a low-carb diet, I personally have found that my hair grows a lot faster. My friends have also noticed this (and I mean people who I see on a regular basis - they don't just find the change obvious because we only see each other once a year.) By measuring it over time, I've concluded that my hair now grows 1 1/2 times faster on average. My fingernails…


Get in Shape with a Low-Carb Diet?

Losing weight wasn't our biggest motivator (although I was several kilos overweight); above all, the low-carb lifestyle had been promoted to us as a way to get in shape. As a physicist, I wanted to know how best to increase my efficiency, and from the beginning I tried - as much as possible - to measure my performance and fitness and to pay attention to my body. The result really surprised me. I had expected the drop in performance that happens about 45 minutes into endurance training, when the…


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