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And here's a topic that will interest the ladies (not to sound like a chauvinist)!

I'll let my wife Suzanne address this one:

"After a year on a low-carb diet, I personally have found that my hair grows a lot faster. My friends have also noticed this (and I mean people who I see on a regular basis - they don't just find the change obvious because we only see each other once a year.) By measuring it over time, I've concluded that my hair now grows 1 1/2 times faster on average. My fingernails also seem to respond well to fewer carbs. In any case, they're longer and don't break as easily as they used to. For many years I didn't need nail clippers, but now I have to trim them so they don't get too long. For me, this is pretty unusual. I haven't noticed any changes to my skin. Fortunately, I've never had skin problems."

I've observed the same changes as my wife. My nails are also growing a lot faster, and my barber just bought a new Mercedes.

I can't really say why this is. All the articles about faster hair growth that I've found on Google are trying to sell some kind of hair tonic or dietary supplement, or were written by the cult of Omega 3.

If anyone has had the same experience, I'd appreciate hearing from you. No pseudoscience, please - if someone really knows and has a scientifically sound explanation, you're welcome to share it.

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