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Cookies not only for Christmas

Christmas is a special challenge for people on low-carb diets.descriptionEating a lot - especially sweets - is practically a Christmas tradition.

I'm not complaining, because I love Christmas dinner as much as anybody. And there's nothing like a cozy Advent evening decorating cookies with your family. Christmas Eve is always fun for me not because of the gifts, but because I can go crazy in the kitchen. We invite two to four friends and I cook at least five courses. I'll detail this year's plans here, because this year Christmas will be low-carb.

One thing will be different than in other years. We've already started baking in October because we have lots of low-carb Christmas recipes to try out, and I assume you'll want to read about them before Christmas is over! Normally we wait until December to do Christmas baking.

Here are our low-carb Christmas recipes:

The Five-Course Christmas Dinner

Here's our special Christmas Eve menu: The decorated table First appetizer: Glazed Goat Cheese Second appetizer: Prawns with Aioli Main course: Venison with Dumplings and Red Cabbage Dessert: Creme Brulee The aftermath Since we'd tried almost everything before, there are no new recipes here - just pictures of our feast and links to the corresponding recipes. We got the idea for the first appetizer from our glazed chicory. Instead of chicory, we glazed…


Spritz Cookies

Coming up with a low-carb version of spritz cookies turned out to be much more difficult than we'd expected. Our flour substitutes, almond flour and gluten, absorb a surprising amount of liquid. This is tricky if you need to make dough of a specific consistency. We tried it many times and some of the results weren't too pretty. (Of course, we had to eat those outright.) We finally got the hang of it, and I'm going to explain everything here so that you won't have to swear as much as I did. Spritz…


Gingerbread Coins

When we made our Christmas stollen, we reserved part of the stollen dough for some cookies. We created our recipe for "Low-Carb Honey" around this time. The result is these cookies, which we call "gingerbread coins". They keep very well, but we recommend putting small slices of apple here and there with them in the cookie tin, since these cookies become very hard if they get too dry. Gingerbread Coins 200 g_(8 oz)almond flour 60 ggluten 100 g_(4 oz)ground almonds 100 g_(4 oz)butter 25…


Christmas Cookies

If cookies are part of Christmas, then baking is part of Advent. If you think of baking as work, it's better not to do it. Hopefully you enjoy baking as much as we do, because tasty low-carb baked goods are hard to find in stores. And Christmas cookies naturally lend themselves to low-carb baking. You'll just need to replace the sugar with artificial sweetener, and almond flour actually works better for Christmas baking than wheat flour. Even if I were to go back to eating carbs, I would still use…


The First Ever Low-Carb Christmas Stollen

A real Christmas stollen requires a heavy dough. Since yeast must have carbohydrates to work, we'll use our tried and true trick for preparing low-carb dough once again. To start, mix approx. 30 g normal wheat flour with 4 packets of dry yeast. After adding 300 ml_(1 1/2cup) warm milk and stirring thoroughly, place the mixture in the oven at 120° F ( 50° C) for half an hour and let the yeast do its work. In the meantime measure out 600 g_(24 oz) almond flour, 200 g_(8 oz) gluten, and 200 g_(8 oz)…


Low-Carb Candied Fruit

Candying is a lengthy process. The idea is to remove the liquid from fruit and replace it with large amounts of sugar. This also makes the candied fruit keep well.We didn't use sugar, of course, but our low-carb substitute erythritol (sold as Sukrin, Erythritol, Sucolin, or Xucker Light). The first problem is that erythritol isn't cheap, and for candying you'll need a relatively large amount of it. To make one batch we needed about 1 kg_(2 pound) of Xucker Light. At a price of up to 20 € per kg,…


Christmas Stollen

In Germany Christmas means stollen, a traditional spiced fruit cake. Since my childhood, when my family would receive two or three stollen as gifts each December (in exchange for a package of coffee or chocolate), I only start to feel like it's Christmas when the stollen is cut. I haven't found any really good low-carb recipes for Christmas stollen online. So I'm happy to announce that Delicious Low Carb is presenting the world's first fully-functioning low-carb stollen recipe. I have to admit…


Vanilla Crescent Cookies

The easiest low-carb Christmas cookies are these vanilla crescents, since the original version uses lots of almonds (which are naturally low in carbs). They're easy to make and don't require special baking skills. This is especially true because of the shapes, since most of us practiced rolling little sausage shapes out of clay or play dough when we were kids! Vanilla Crescents: 3 cookie sheets 200 g (8 oz)almonds, finely grated 200 g (8 oz)almond flour 100 g_(4 oz)gluten 250 g_(10…


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