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The Five-Course Christmas Dinner

Here's our special Christmas Eve menu:

The decorated table Der gedeckte Weihnachtstisch

First appetizer: Glazed Goat Cheese glasierter Ziegenkaese

Second appetizer: Prawns with Aioli Krevetten mit dreierlei Aioli Krevetten mit dreierlei Aioli

Main course: Venison with Dumplings and Red CabbageRehrücken

Dessert: Creme Bruleecreme_brulee

The aftermathcreme_brulee

Since we'd tried almost everything before, there are no new recipes here - just pictures of our feast and links to the corresponding recipes.

We got the idea for the first appetizer from our glazed chicory. Instead of chicory, we glazed scallions and goat cheese. Be careful with this one, since the glazing in our very hot sauce went extremely fast. The scallions were soft in less than a minute and the cheese took even less time. It was a wonderful appetizer.

For the second course, the prawns, we made aioli by mixing 3 eggs, 100 ml_(1/2 cup) olive oil, and 3 cloves of garlic. We lightly seasoned a third of the aioli with mint and a third with tomato (dried tomatoes and tomato paste) so that we had 3 different flavors of aioli.

For the main course, we bought a saddle of venison from a hunter, seasoned it, and cooked it in the oven at 212° F ( 100° C) for 4 hours. The sauce was thickened with macadamia nut flour. We made Ricotta Dumplings and red cabbage to go with the venison. Juniper berry relish added a special note to the flavor. It was perfectly suited to wild game!

The dessert was traditional Creme Brulee, in a low-carb version caramelized with Sukrin.

We finished the meal with cheese, including a wonderful baked ricotta. As you can see, we were all too full for anything but an espresso or a grappa by that point.

You could have called it a "sinfully good" meal. But since everything was low-carb, that means no guilt!

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