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Weight Loss

Eating a low-carb diet doesn't necessarily result in weight loss. As long as the body gets enough fat and protein for the liver to use in producing ketones, our fat stores will remain untouched. However, you won't gain weight either because new fat stores can't form without insulin. Your body will just eliminate the extra ketones. Of course, since no one really eats for 24 hours a day, there's always time (at least during sleep) when the body can fall back on the "love handles". This works even better if you exercise or play sports. Without big stores of sugar in the liver, you can lose weight from the first second.

description When my wife and I began our low-carb lifestyle, I had a BMI of 33 and my wife had a BMI of 18. We both enjoy playing sports and do endurance training two to three times a week, but we are also big eaters, although my wife is always careful about her weight (as you can probably tell from her BMI). A year later, my BMI is 27 and my wife's hasn't changed. I lost an average of 1-2 kg per month without paying any attention to calories.

How Many Carbs Per Day on a Low-Carb Diet?

"Low-carb" means fewer carbohydrates in your food, not none. A diet without any carbs would be hard to imagine and, in my view, probably not desirable. My personal motto is: Most of the time, very little! Everyone has to decide for themselves what "very little" means. Most diets aim for anything from 30 to 100 grams per day. Those who are used to counting calories shouldn't have any trouble calculating that. Figuring it out is simple: just multiply the amount of food consumed by the amount…



At birth, humans only appreciate the flavors sweet and umami (this means meaty/savory and doesn't necessarily have anything to do with glutamate, as is often falsely claimed). Sour and bitter are rejected. This ensures that breast milk tastes good to us, since it delivers the essential nutrients lactose (sweet) and protein and fat (umami). These preferences can change in the course of life or through a culturally-distinct learning process, but nature has given us humans a general preference for foods…


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