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"Low-carb" means fewer carbohydrates in your food, not none. A diet without any carbs would be hard to imagine and, in my view, probably not desirable. My personal motto is:

Most of the time, very little!

KohlEveryone has to decide for themselves what "very little" means. Most diets aim for anything from 30 to 100 grams per day. Those who are used to counting calories shouldn't have any trouble calculating that. Figuring it out is simple: just multiply the amount of food consumed by the amount of carbs in it, instead of by the number of calories. Low-carb diets like Glyx or LOGI also take into account how different carbohydrates have different effects on insulin levels. You specify the glycemic index for all food and then multiply it by the amount of carbs in the food to get the glycemic load.

Since I have to do a lot of calculations professionally, I would rather not have to use an Excel spreadsheet for my diet. I would rather invest my time in trying out new recipes. Also, I don't think it's practical to do an exact calculation of the glycemic index for everything I eat.

At first, we often checked tables to see what the glycemic index was (=> see product information). Now we ignore it completely, except for looking at the nutritional table when we buy something new.

Of course, we have figured out how many carbs we eat per day. On most days we're under 50g, which corresponds to a strict ketogenic diet. For this, it's enough to make all our baked goods ourselves using nut flour, to give up pasta, potatoes, and rice, and to pay attention to sugar. Oh, and no beer!

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