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Asparagus with Pancakes

“spargel_palatschinken"My parents always taught me that you should never waste food, and this is one lesson that I've taken to heart. When ordering in restaurants, I always say up front that I don't eat potatoes, rice, or bread, so that I can avoid leaving them uneaten on my plate. One of my quirks when cooking is to scrape every trace of the ingredients from used mixing bowls and pots. I once let a pancake burn because I got distracted by trying to get the last drops of batter from the bowl.

That's why it's always annoyed me that Hollandaise sauce requires five egg yolks, leaving five egg whites that you don't have a use for. But nothing tastes as good with asparagus as homemade Hollandaise. The following recipe is my suggestion of how to solve the leftover egg white problem while conjuring up a tasty low-carb accompaniment for asparagus:

Asparagus with Pancakes to serve 4

1.5 kg asparagus
2 EL lemon juice
2 EL Sukrin
250 g butter
6 eggs
100 ml dry white wine
100 g almond flour
75 g gluten
400 ml cream
400 ml water
200 g sour cream
2 TL salt
Nutmeg, chili, butter for the skillet


The Recipe:

The most difficult part of this recipe is the timing. Hollandaise sauce tastes best when it's freshly made. Reheating it in the microwave doesn't work (I think the ready-made sauces contain chemicals that let them be reheated without curdling). So once we've peeled the asparagus, let's start with the pancakes. Combine cream, water, 1 egg, and sour cream in a bowl and stir until smooth. Season with 1/2 TL salt. Mix the almond flour and gluten separately and then stir them into the main bowl. The result should have the consistency of yogurt (add some extra water if necessary). Next, separate the remaining 5 eggs and set aside the pot containing the yolks. Add 1 EL Sukrin to the egg whites to stiffen them and then beat with a mixer until they're fluffy. Gently fold the stiff egg whites into the batter until an even mixture forms. Now we'll grease a skillet with butter and fry our pancakes. Use enough batter for each pancake that you end up with a total of 6-8 pancakes. Once the first pancake is in the pan, put on the water for the asparagus. Add 2 EL lemon juice, 1 TL salt, and 1 EL Sukrin to the water. By the time you're on the third pancake, the water should be boiling and you can add the asparagus to the pot. When you've used half your pancake batter, it's time to start the Hollandaise. Start by melting 250 g butter (don't let it get too hot).“spargel_palatschinken" This is where it gets stressful, since both the Hollandaise and the pancakes require constant attention. Add 100 ml dry white wine to the egg yolks, then season with 1/2 TL salt, nutmeg, and (if desired) a little chili powder. Heat gradually in a water bath. The key to success is to stir continuously. Slowly add the liquid butter. The sauce should be quite runny at first, but as it heats the egg will congeal, creating the characteristic taste and texture of Hollandaise. It's important to notice when the sauce congeals. The slower you heat it, the easier this will be, but it also takes longer. I've gotten pretty good at noticing when my whisk makes "lines" on the surface of the sauce. When the consistency is roughly the same as honey, remove the Hollandaise from the water bath immediately. For best results, keep stirring for 2-3 minutes. I failed to do this once and had a perfect Hollandaise go lumpy. (If this happens, your sauce can still be rescued: pour the curdled sauce into a bowl and add an ice cube to the pot over the water bath. Then slowly add the sauce, stirring constantly. It will almost always smooth out, and you can start over.) If you timed it right, the Hollandaise, the asparagus, and the last pancake will all be done at the same time.

Let the feast begin!

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