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Pancakes II

Breakfst with Low Carb pancakeFor the last 18 months I've had the honor of standing at the stove every Sunday and making pancakes (or at least that's how my wife describes it), so I've come up with a few ideas for experimenting with pancakes.

If you leave the milk out of your batter, adding a little more cream and some sparkling water instead, the pancakes will be much fluffier because cooking releases bubbles of carbon dioxide into the batter. This also gets rid of some extra carbs.

Approx. 10 pancakes

50 g_(1 1/2 oz)almond flour
50 g_(1 1/2 oz)gluten
50 g_(1 1/2 oz)walnut flour
400 ml_(2 cup)cream
400 ml_(2 cup)sparkling water
50 g_(1 1/2 oz)cocoa powder
1/4 dspsalt
3 dspsweetener

To prepare the batter, first mix the eggs, cream, salt, sweetener, and half the water. Then slowly add the previously-sifted flour (almond, gluten...), stirring constantly with a whisk. It's also a great idea to add cocoa powder now. This isn't just good in sweet pancakes. You can also use cocoa in the salty version (where you omit the sweetener and double the salt). It tastes great spread with cream cheese. After 3-5 minutes the mixture will be much more stiff, since the flour is slowly absorbing the liquid. Now it's time to add the rest of the sparkling water. Do this carefully, or else too much carbonation will escape. The more water we add, the thinner the pancakes will be. The batter is now finished, and we can fry it in a skillet with plenty of butter.

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