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Pancakes I

breakfast with Low Carb pancakesA change in eating habits will only work if you develop traditions. Ours is to make pancakes on Sunday mornings. And not having to worry about the calories in pancakes is great. Totally delicious!

This recipe will feed four people (generously). Every Sunday we make this amount for the two of us, and then eat the rest for breakfast until Thursday or Friday.

The basic ingredients for the pancakes are 3 eggs, 200 ml_(1 cup) (1 cup) whipping cream, and 300 ml_(1 1/2cup) (1 1/2 Cup) milk (we often use soy milk or buttermilk, which taste really good). For very light, fluffy pancakes, beat the cream or egg whites until stiff. I like them thinner, so I leave out this step. Season them with 1/2 tbsp salt. Next, add 7 oz (200 g) of a flour mixture. I mostly use almond flour, soy flour, and gluten. (If all the dry ingredients are stirred together well, there won't be lumps in the batter.)

For 1 kg_(2 pound) of batter:

75 g_(3 oz)almond flour
50 g_(2 oz)gluten
50 g_(2 oz)soy flour
200 g_(1 cup)cream
300 ml_(1 1/2 cup)milk
1/2 dspsalt

Add more milk as needed. The batter should be runny enough that it's evenly distributed in the pan.

Cooking pancakes is a little challenging. When flipping them, it takes some practice to find the happy medium between undercooked and burnt.

This is especially true of low-carb pancakes. Almond flour browns quickly and dramatically. At first, many of my pancakes were rather dark. Keep trying until you succeed. To make things easier, we grease the skillet with a little butter each time. We're not worried about calories!

We've had the most success with a cast iron skillet. Still, the reason why the first pancake always fails (by tearing into pieces when flipped) is a mystery I have yet to solve!


Of course, you can also make sweet pancakes if you want. To do this, add just a little sweetener and less salt. We've tried a lot of variations on this one: fresh vanilla (even with savory pancakes), lemon or orange zest, and flavors (rum, bitter almond, etc.) provide delicious variety.

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