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Life Without Dough? Dough Without Carbs!

We've been able to eat low-carb for years - and to enjoy it - for one reason:

We are capable to produce dough!

Sonnenblumen Kern BrotAfter trying lots of recipes and ideas, I learned a ground rule for delicious cooking and baking without wheat flour. You need two things: defatted nut flour (o.Ä) and wheat gluten. I mix these two things in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 to get a dough that is similar to ordinary wheat flour dough in many ways, except that it contains almost no carbohydrates. The ingredients can be hard to find locally, but you can buy them online at fairly reasonable prices.

You can adapt many recipes that use "normal" flour. When it comes to flour, low-carb fans face an overwhelming number of choices: almond flour (the raw material for just about everything), hazelnut flour, walnut flour, soy flour, sesame seed flour. I use a mix of these, which lets me bake more types of bread than most bakers. And don't worry: the bread won't taste like marzipan, even though it contains so many almonds.

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