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Coconut-Almond Broccoli

Broccoli im KokosmandelBrowsing the shelves at the grocery store today, I picked up a can of coconut milk. It turns out that coconut milk is only 1.3% carbohydrates. Coconut milk is usually found in Asian cuisine or desserts, but when I saw the beautiful heads of broccoli at the farmers' market, I had an idea: wouldn't the slight sweetness of coconut milk go well with this vegetable? And what about the flavor of almonds? There was only one way to find out, so we coated the tender broccoli florets with a batter of coconut milk and almond flour. That made them look almost like mushrooms, so I added a cream cheese and herb sauce that I'd eaten with baked mushrooms last year.

The result was - at least for me - a totally new taste experience. Instead of covering the fine flavor of the broccoli, the breading strengthened it. The coconut and almond harmonized nicely with each other, and the sauce gave the dish a summery flair.

Coconut-Almond Broccoli (to serve 4)

2heads of broccoli
100 g (4 oz)almond flour
100 ml (1/2 cup)coconut milk
1/2 dspsalt

Chili powder, Worcestershire sauce

Cream Cheese Sauce

300 ml (1 1/2 cup)coconut milk
200 g_(8 oz)yogurt
200 g_(8 oz)cream cheese
2 tbsplemon juice
Pepper, salt, thyme, marjoram

First, cut the broccoli into fist-sized florets and blanch them in salt water for about 10 minutes. Drain them well (I hang the sieve over the still-hot pot). For the batter, mix the coconut milk with 2 eggs and season well with salt, pepper, and chili powder. A dash of Worcestershire sauce gives it extra zing. Dip each floret into the egg-coconut sauce, then roll it in a plate of almond flour. Fry in butter (clarified butter is even better) over medium heat.

Combine the remaining coconut milk (we used a 400 ml can, or about 2 cups) with yogurt and cream cheese, stirring to form a smooth sauce. Season with fresh thyme and marjoram. Salt and pepper lightly.

A really quick dish, and an exciting addition to your menu!

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