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Peter + Peter Bean Stew


Im Sommer ist die Zeit der Bohnenernte. Während rote und weiße Bohnen nur so von Kohlenhydraten strotzen, sind die frisch geernteten grünen Bohnen für die Low Carb Ernährung gut geeignet (ca 6%). Für dieses Wochenende stand so die Entscheidung fest, dass es Bohnen geben sollte. Doch was dazu? Auch einen Eintopf haben wir in Erwägung gezogen, doch meine Frau meinte, dass sei doch eher ein Wintergricht! Ich habe lange überlegt, doch erst auf dem Wochenmarkt, als vor mir ein Bündel Petersilie mit Wurzeln lag, kam mir die Idee: Warum nicht einen Bohneneintopf in einer sommerlich frischen Version?

Summer Bean Stew to serve 4

1000 g_(2 pound)green beans
500 g_(1 pound)root parsley
1 (large) bunchparsley
3 stalkssavory
400 g (16 oz)smoked pork chops
3cloves of garlic
1fresh hot pepper
750 mlvegetable broth
Salt, pepper, Creme Fraiche

Snap the beans at both ends and chop them into 1-cm pieces. Traditionally, this is done with diagonal cuts to make really neat pieces. Finely chop the leek, onions, and hot pepper. If you want yours to be less spicy, don't leave out the pepper; just remove the seeds. Cut the smoked pork into strips the same thickness as the beans. Vegetarians can leave out the pork, but the stew tastes much better with it. Peel the root parsley and cut it into pieces of varying sizes. None of the pieces should be larger than the beans. The point of the differently-sized pieces is for the smaller ones to cook until they're soft, thickening the stew. Remove the stalks of the regular parsley and chop the leaves finely.

Now that the preparation is done, we can start cooking. Heat some olive oil in a 5-liter pot and use it to brown the pork over high heat. Then add the garlic (pressed), onions, pepper, and leek. When the onions start to brown, deglaze with vegetable broth and add the root parsley. Turn the stove down to medium heat. Cover the pot and give the root parsley a 5-minute "head start". Then the green beans and savory can be added. I always put in the whole stalk of savory and then remove it before serving the stew. The beans should cook for 30 minutes, covered. Don't forget to stir now and then to keep them from burning. Season with salt and pepper. Remove pot from heat and stir in parsley. Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche. Bohneneintopf

To close, I'd like to explain the name "Peter + Peter". It's partly a reference to the two kinds of parsley (called "Peterle" in Hesse), but it's also a tribute to our editor Peter, who catches all the errors in our articles!

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