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The "Delicious" Method

Don't worry, this website isn't promoting any new fad diet. We would just like to explain how we have dealt with the subject of low-carb eating. Once we decided to adopt a low-carb lifestyle, we laid down some rules for ourselves so that it would be practical in the long run.

Our most basic rule was and is: most of the time, only a few carbs.

Selbst gebackenes Mandelbrot

In practice, this means that we make our own low-carb bread and noodles. We use ingredients like potatoes, beans, and lentils rarely, and then only sparingly. We could give up sugar altogether, since there's a good substitute. With fruit, we avoid carb-heavy choices like bananas and grapes. When we buy processed foods, we pay attention to how much sugar or cheap starch the manufacturer has included. The information is always on the package. The only things we've given up completely are processed fruit juices and any type of diet product. These generally have less fat (and therefore less flavor), and compensate for it with more sugar. And of course, our most important rule:

It has to be delicious!

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