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Carbohydrates are not essential!

No one - not even the biggest low-carb critics - can claim that the human body is missing anything needed for healthy survival without carbohydrates. Nevertheless, low-carb diets have repeatedly been accused of causing deficiencies that will harm the body in the long run.

Naturally, there are some variants for which I understand this criticism. In some forums, when somebody feels that he or she isn't losing weight fast enough, people have suggested eating nothing but chicken, eggs, and mayonnaise for several weeks. Anyone can understand that a diet like that is missing something. The same goes for a pineapple or grapefruit diet. It might work for short-term weight loss, but I would never recommend it.

Low Carb GemüseLow-carb diets have also been accused of restricting fruit and vegetable consumption. I think that once you've read our vegetable recipes, this allegation can be put to rest. Most vegetables fit perfectly into a low-carb diet and provide the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs. It's true that we eat less fruit, but no nutritionist has proven that people need to eat fruit year-round. If this were true, humanity would have died out a long time ago, since until 50 years ago fruit was only available in summer and fall. Whoever kept a garden knew that - without freezing or imports from other countries - the last apple had to be eaten after Christmas, and fruit wouldn't be available again until the cherries ripened in July. Because fruit (with the exception of berries) contains a lot of sugar, we shouldn't eat too much of it. I would argue the opposite: apples and bananas, which nutrition gurus have been touting as the center of a healthy diet for years, decisively contribute to the diabetes epidemic when they are eaten every day or even several times per day.

I recently read a study that warned of a severe - and worrying - lack of folic acid in low-carb diets. If you know that significant amounts of folic acid are present in very few foods, namely in poultry or beef liver and in yeasts, this is understandable. The nutrition gurus have made people wary of the delicious and healthy organ meats, so for many people bread is the only rich source of folic acid. If they give up bread completely, they face a potential deficiency.

With our "Delicious Method" we don't have these problems, because we bake our bread with sufficient yeast.

From our point of view, a low-carb diet provides the body with everything it needs.

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