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At the Supermarket

For obvious reasons, low-carb fans will want to avoid the candy aisle and the bakery when they go to the grocery store. Almost everything there is 70-80% carbohydrates, most of it sugar. Even the special products for diabetics are no exception. Many doctors advise against them, and anyway, I for one don't think they taste very good.

When you adopt a low-carb lifestyle, it's time to familiarize yourself with the fine print on food packaging. All the ingredients are there, along with a table listing the amounts of fat, protein, salt, and carbohydrates. It also gives the serving size and the percentages of daily values.

descriptionIn general, the shelves are arranged so that the processed foods are the ones you see first. But if you investigate further, you'll notice that the manufacturers fill these with cheap sugar, even in foods where you wouldn't expect it. (This is to compensate for the sour taste that many additives and preservatives have.) So people on low-carb diets won't find much that's useful to them on these shelves, either.

Regardless of whether a low-carb diet is healthy per se - and the doctors are still arguing about this - low-carb diets are worthwhile in that they rely on fresh and minimally-processed foods.

For many of these foods, such as nuts and dairy products, we can find information about the carb content printed on the packaging. With cheese, fish, and meat, this is almost never the case. Except for items like fish sticks, which are out of the question for reasons of taste, most meat products contain almost no carbs.

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