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Zabaione is the classic Italian dessert. It tastes amazing and is made with simple ingredients. The original contains vast amounts of carbs - not just sugar, but also the super-sweet dessert wine Marsala. Zaba Ohne!For cooks who make zabaione, though, the dessert offers plenty of physical exercise. Zabaione has to be beaten continuously with a whisk for at least 15 minutes while in a water bath. Of course, you could use an electric mixer, but that doesn't work as well_(and anyway, it would be unsportsmanlike).

To make a version containing almost no carbs, we'll use Sukrin instead of sugar (simple liquid sweeteners and Stevia won't work, since the cream won't hold). Instead of the dessert wine, our version uses apple cider and a shot of rum. This combination tastes outstanding. A very dry white wine would also work.


4egg yolks
1egg white
2 tbspSukrin
8 tbspapple cider
Vanilla, rum

You'll need a metal bowl that fits inside a pot filled with warm water. It's important to use a metal bowl. The surface of most plastic bowls becomes scratched over time, and traces of fat will collect in these scratches no matter how well the bowl is washed. And the fat will keep our meringue from forming properly. So rinse the metal bowl well and then place it over the pot. Add 3 egg yolks and 1 whole egg to the bowl. Then add the Sukrin and the vanilla. Scrape the pith out of a vanilla bean and grind it finely in a mortar with some Sukrin. This tastes the best, although liquid vanilla flavoring from the grocery store will also work. Now we'll start beating the eggs. After about 5 minutes of vigorous whisking, you should see a fine cream that's about 3-4 times the volume of the unbeaten eggs. Now add a dash of cider and a dash of rum. Each time you add cider or rum, continue beating vigorously until everything is evenly mixed and creamy again.

When all of the cider has been added, it's time to start heating the mixture. We recommend warming the water bath gradually over low heat; this ensures that the zabaione won't collapse. The moment it starts to expand and grow stiff, remove it from the heat immediately. Then put the cream in bowls or glasses and chill it. If you take some extra time and heat the pot of water gradually, you won't miss the crucial moment for removing the zabaione from the heat. It takes longer and your arm might start to hurt from all the whisking, but the peace of mind is worth it.

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