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Low-Carb Marzipan

MarzipanMarzipan is unbelievably easy to make. The recipe calls for ground almonds, sugar, oil, and some rose water. All you have to do is mix the ingredients and let them air dry for a while. All done! Of course, our low-carb version replaces the sugar with an artificial sweetener. If you normally use Sukrin, you'll need to use something less gritty for this recipe. Liquid sweetener works perfectly, and is much cheaper.

But there's a problem: the almonds must be freshly ground. Ground almonds from the supermarket won't work. And the more finely the almonds are ground, the better the finished product will taste. We used our flour mill to grind them. (NOTE: Never grind oily nuts or seeds in a stone mill. This only works in a mill with a steel grinder.) We did run into a problem: because of their high oil content, almonds form a doughy mass when ground, and this causes most mills to clog. The only way around this is to clean the grinder frequently. But it's worth the effort.

250 g Marzipan

200 g (8 oz)ground almonds
1 tbsprose water
3 tbspliquid sweetener
1 tbspwalnut oil

Once you've ground your almonds, the rest of the process is quick and easy. Combine the rose water, the oil (we used walnut oil and it tasted great, but you can use other types of oil too), the sweetener, and the almonds, and knead it all into a dough. Shape the dough into small balls. MarzipanLet dry until the surface no longer feels oily. For a special taste experience, roll the marzipan balls in sifted cocoa powder. The flavor will be slightly bitter at first, but then the wonderful sweetness of the marzipan comes through.

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