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Swiss Brownies

In my opinion, brownies are the most delicious "calorie bombs" out there! Last week, in exchange for my stollen recipe, Dr. Kämmerer from Würzbug sent me a recipe for Swiss chocolate cake. Since I didn't have the right cake pan the first time I made the recipe, I used my silicone muffin molds instead. The result (totally unplanned!) was low-carb brownies, just as good as regular American brownies. The Swiss addition of cherry brandy gave them a special twist!

6 Brownies


200 g_(8 oz)low-carb chocolate
125 gbutter
200 g_(8 oz)ground almonds
4 clcherry brandy
2 dspsweetener

As a modification to the original recipe, which calls for dark chocolate (85% cocoa, 15% sugar), we of course used our low-carb chocolate. This reduced the carb content of our brownies by 4-5%. The brownies didn't last long - I had to intervene so that there would still be one left to photograph.

descriptionHaving made our chocolate, we kept 200 g_(8 oz) for the brownies. This had the advantage that the chocolate wasn't solidified yet. We melted the butter in the chocolate and let the mixture cool to room temperature.

While it's cooling, beat 3 full eggs in a bowl until frothy. This will take much longer with full eggs than it would with pure egg whites, so you'll have to take some extra time to get a creamy, stiff mass to form. Continue to stir while adding cherry brandy, sweetener, and then the chocolate-butter mixture. Careful: if the chocolate and butter are still too hot, the whole thing will collapse on itself! If this happens, continue with the recipe - it will still taste good.

Finally, add the ground almonds and pour batter into muffin molds. If you don't have muffin molds, a cake pan will work too. Anti-stick coating or baking parchment aren't necessary. Wer keine Muffins-Formen hat, kann auch eine andere Kuchenform nehmen. Diese sollte jedoch gut dicht sein (eine Anti-Haft-Beschichtung oder gar Backpapier sind nicht nötig) denn gleich im Ofen geht richtig was ab!

Heat the oven to 480° F ( 250° C) and bake the brownies for 11 minutes. Because they bubble so much while baking, I was worried that the brownies would be completely burnt. I was still skeptical when I took them out of the oven. But beautiful brownies were the result, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Unbelievably good!

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