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Farmer's Breakfast

BauernfrühstückFrom a culinary perspective, winter is the season of cabbage and turnips. Last year we discovered that rutabagas are a great low-carb ingredient, which gave my wife the idea of making rutabaga fries. I had some doubts about this since our attempt at making beet chips failed spectacularly. Frying just doesn't work that well with root vegetables. We compromised and decided to try making a farmer's breakfast. With a hearty base of onions and bacon, we were able to recreate the taste of fried potatoes, and the eggs protected our rutabagas from getting tough while cooking. Overall, it's a simple and hearty meal that tastes just as great as the original.

Farmer's Breakfast (serves at least 4)

1large rutabaga (approx. 3 lbs.)
200 g (8 oz)bacon
200 ml (1 cup)cream
200 g (8 oz)mushrooms
1/2 dspsalt

Pepper, chili, garlic if desired

Peel the rutabaga and cut into pieces about the same size as you would slice a potato. Boil pieces in saltwater for 20 minutes and drain well.

Cut the bacon into small pieces and fry in plenty of oil. Then add finely-chopped onions and (if desired) garlic. When these begin to brown, add sliced mushrooms. In the meantime, mix the 4 eggs with the cream and add salt, pepper, and chili powder. Then combine the rutabagas with the eggs and continue to fry, stirring, until the eggs have set.


This quick recipe goes very well with cornsalad!

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