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Juice Drinkers Beware

The problem with beverages is actually not that they're full of carbs (even Coke is no more than 12% sugar) but that people consume relatively large amounts of them. If you drink half a liter of Coke, that's 60 g of carbs. On the other hand, half a bar of ordinary milk chocolate only contains 25 g (1 oz) - that's less than half. As you can see, beverages are tricky. There aren't a whole lot of choices for tasty low-carb drinks. Coffee and tea aren't a problem as long as you don't add sugar…



Alcohol isn't a problem for low-carb diets in and of itself, since it doesn't raise the body's insulin level. Restrictions on alcohol aren't necessary for a low-carb lifestyle. (We won't lecture you about the real health risks of frequent or heavy drinking. We're not moralists. Anyway, you know about those already.) The problem with alcoholic beverages is that many of them also contain sugar and carbs. Beer generally has between 40 and 60 g of unfermented carbohydrates per liter, typically more…


Apple Cider

Those of us who live in the Hesse region of Germany can count ourselves lucky: our traditional drink, hard apple cider, has almost no carbs - about 0.4% at most! It's usually drunk as a spritzer (i.e. mixed with sparkling water), which lowers this percentage even further. Cider is an ideal low-carb beverage!


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