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Suppliers of Low-Carb Ingredients

It's rare to find nut flours in even the best-stocked supermarkets. The same is true of gluten. A good health food store may be able to order them. Health food stores are also a good place to find soy flour or guar gum.

The problem is, you might experience "sticker shock" when you see how much they cost. That's why we turned to the internet to find the ingredients we need at an acceptable price.

descriptionYou'll find a nice assortment of nut flours and gluten at The prices there are fairly reasonable. The quality of the nut flours varies. The almond flour especially has very large grains - we have to sift and grind it over and over. This website also has a range of processed packaged foods and supplements for athletes, but these are more expensive and we haven't found anything that tastes especially good.

Higher-quality ingredients are available at and, but they do cost more.

Our reader Patrik has found a supplier for cream powder: Mieke's Herbs sells it for 7.20 € per 250 grams. That's enough for 1 kg_(2 pound) of low-carb chocolate.

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