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Against a Low-Carb Diet

Wordwide Nutrition Societies do not recommend eating a low-carb diet. The guidelines for healthy eating on their website actually recommend a carbohydrate-rich diet (one in which carbs account for 50% of calories).

Other critics have offered more specific arguments against low-carb diets. The Basel University Hospital recently weighed in on the subject, concluding in a statement that such diets are not worthwhile. For one thing, the researchers argue, people on low-carb diets quickly become unhappy or socially isolated; once they quit their diet, they experience the "yo-yo effect". The statement also says that high-fat, high-protein diets can be risk factors for high cholesterol and heart attacks. As evidence, researchers point to a study comparing different diets. The study found that high-fat diets correlate with unfavorable cholesterol levels more than other diets do. Instead it recommended a diet and lifestyle with no tobacco and less alcohol, fat, and salt. Finally, it suggested that a low-carb diet could lead to reduced physical and especially mental performance, since carbohydrates are an important source of energy for the brain.

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