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Nut Flours

In addition to gluten, we make most of our baked goods with deoiled nut flours. They give the bread volume and are also very nutritious. If you were to use just ground nuts, the result would be too greasy (nuts generally have a high fat content, up to 50%). The nut flours we use are a byproduct of nut oil production. When nuts are pressed to extract oil, they leave behind a "cake" made of protein, a little fat, very few carbs, and lots of fiber. When this "cake" is ground up, it becomes deoiled nut flour. Mandeln

Almond flour is especially low in carbohydrates (only 3-5%) and great for baking. If you're worried that it will make everything taste like almond cake, think again. During the deoiling process, a large part of the essential oils are removed, leaving just a touch of almond flavor in the finished flour. It will even work for making hearty breads with onions or olives.

Deoiled nut flours made from hazelnuts, walnuts, or macadamia nuts will have a slightly higher carb content, but they can be blended with almond flour to introduce their own flavor notes.

Nut flour is also excellent for thickening sauces and for foods like pancakes or dumplings. It gives dishes a unique and - in my opinion - very pleasant flavor. We love bread rolls made with 20% hazelnut flour.

Nut flours are very difficult to find. We couldn't find any stores that sold them in Offenbach. Considering that it's actually a waste product (albeit a high-quality one), the prices are surprisingly high. On our "Suppliers" page, we've put together a list of places that sell nut flours at reasonably prices. If you still shy away from the prices, remember that even with the cost of nut flour, a 1-kg loaf of bread only costs about 2 Euros and 50 cents. That's no more than you'd pay at a bakery. You just have to bake it yourself!

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