24 July 2014

No-Carb Bread

23 November 2013

Rhubarb Steak

21 November 2013

Tuna Salad

21 November 2013


18 June 2013

Shish Kebabs

17 June 2013

Asparagus with Pancakes

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Dining Out

Of course, even foodies don't feel like cooking every night; once in a while it's nice to let others wait on you. Since we went low-carb, we haven't had any problems eating at restaurants. Most places offer dishes that meet our needs, or we can ask for substitutions to be made. This is easiest in high-end restaurants. If it's a nicer restaurant, the cook and the waiter will know what "low-carb" means. We just ask what they recommend, and so far we've always been satisfied. In more humble restaurants, we mostly just ask for salad of vegetables in place of French fries. The problem with eating out isn't finding something low-carb so much as still being hungry when you go home. That happened to us once at an Indian restaurant. We wound up paying a lot of money for just a small piece of meat, some vegetables, and a mountain of rice. On the other hand, we've had very good experiences at Turkish and Thai restaurants. You can always ask to replace high-carb side dishes like rice with more vegetables or a salad. At our favorite Thai restaurant, the server now brings us vegetables with our curry without being asked.

descriptionWe have yet to find a restaurant that deliberately caters to low-carb dieters. Hence our challenge: chefs, if you can come up with a menu of tasty low-carb meals, we'll advertise for you ourselves!

Eating at friends' houses is more problematic. Most of our friends know that we eat low-carb, and try so hard to accommodate us that we feel kind of embarrassed. But it can go the other way, too. At our last family gathering we heard the doorbell ring. Some of the kids ran downstairs, and we knew we'd go hungry that afternoon when we heard them yelling, "Yay! Pizza for everybody!"

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